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September 27, 2015

Dinner, Food & Drinks

Den Haag has a very big Indonesian population and with this a big range of Indonesian restaurants. One of my favorites is Bogor at Van Swietenstraat 2, an icon in the city and it’s been here for ages. This restaurant looks just like a living room and serves delicious food. I used to date a guy with parents from Indonesia, he warned me for dishes with “pedis” in the name, this means: hot as hell! At this restaurant they serve food that’s not so spicy or, if you dare, is pedis. After all these years I’m a pro and I love their pedis rijsttafel, I can eat it without crying. If you don’t want to cry in public, take away is also possible! So.. selamat makan!


Van Swietenstraat 2

2518 SJ Den Haag

070 346 1628

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