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May 30, 2016

Breakfast, Coffee, Dinner, Food & Drinks, Lunch

We need to talk about this health hype that has been going on these past few years. But before we do, let’s go back in time, let’s say the year 2000.
We all loved the La Place restaurant at the V&D, right? They sold wholemeal sandwiches with fresh (?) tuna spread and even better, fresh juices (they started selling fresh orange juice in the eighties). Let’s be honest here, it was a huge success and everybody loved it. Truly fresh food and drinks to take away, it was a big change. More warehouses started doing this and fresh food gained popularity. Who would have thought that it would become such a HUGE thing?
If you would have told me in 2000 that there will be stores that only sell lettuce (sla) – I would’ve thought it was hilarious! I was 13 back then, went to the Haags Montessori Lyceum in The Hague and loved my pink, sugary HubbaBubba bubble gum. “F*ck lettuce, give me fries from Ritchie’s at the Weissenbruchstraat and my candy”. Jup, I was one unhealthy, not very sporty teenager. The one thing I liked -that came close to healthy and sporty- was Mel C aka Sporty Spice from the legendary Spice Girls.
Well, enough about the past! And look at me now!
Times have changed and I work out three times a week (give or take), I want a six-pack and I try to eat as healthy as possible. It makes me feel so much better, I sleep better, my skin is better and nowadays there are more ‘healthy’ stores than ever. SLA being one of them.
Yes! This store sells lettuce (sla ;)). Loads of it, made as you like it. You can create your own salad in 6 steps:
– Pick a specific lettuce – one of 4.
– Choose a dressing – one of 6.
– Add some seeds or extras – 6 options.
– Select 3 of 11 different vegetables.
– Make it premium by choosing one of 13 luxurious additions, for example homemade quinoa mini burgers.
– Finish it off with one of the 9 toppings.
AAHHHHHH! Yes. So. Many. Choices. I couldn’t choose – it was a bit overwhelming.
But thankfully SLA created 8 ‘favourite salads’! This made it so much easier for me to pick one. I chose the protein power bowl (sounds super #firgirl-ish right?) with spinach, beans, avocado, egg, chicken, cauliflower, tempeh, sesame seeds and roasted chickpeas. It was gigantic, green and good!
SLA ingredients
All the ingredients they use are fresh, organic and the majority is farmed in the Netherlands. They use seasonal products as much as possible and most of the salads are gluten free. Ingredients are cow milk free and don’t contain refined sugars.
“Lettuce is for rabbits”
Not into sla? Well, they also serve soup, hummus and have a selection of healthy pies on the menu (hallelujah). Oh and on the side they serve fresh juices, smoothies, organic wines, beers, teas and coffee.
Founders Jop, Nina and Ida did a great job, the first SLA opened 3 years ago in Amsterdam, and now The Hague can enjoy their food too.
Make sure to visit their new store or order their food via Deliveroo! I’ll be back for sure, I’m no longer 16 but I like great food and Sporty Spice is still on repeat!

Kerkplein 4a
2513 AZ Den Haag

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