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June 21, 2016

Dinner, Food & Drinks, Lunch

Every year an other food is “the shit”. After sushi, quinoa and burgers, now there’s… fries! Fries, or how we like to call it: patat or friet. It’s hip, hot and happening. 


In a short amount of time a few cool “patatzaken” opened in The Hague. All stores that sell fries, while looking stylish and superhipster. They treat the food like it’s an art. I have to admit, I like it. For years I’ve had this pyama quoting “Fries Before Guys” and I truly believe that. 


At Friet Atelier they have the same motto, I believe. This new superfancy ‘patatzaak’ is owned by Sergio Herman, one of Hollands most famous chefs. So yes, this place sells state of the art fries.


Friet Ateliers menu
Who needs classic mayonnaise when you can order pepper, truffles, béarnise, basil or peanut sauce? That’s what I thought 😉


But there’s more! You don’t want to miss the Saison Speciale; tomato, parmagiano cheese, lime and basil. Oe. La. Laaaa! Make sure to try this, it looks beautiful and smells delicious too.


New food category
After visiting Friet Atelier I was thinking, ‘patat’ sounds a bit cheap for this Michelin star-worthy fries, right? It’s an art. So from now on, lets call this food category ‘patart’, okay?

Venestraat 7
2511 AR Den Haag


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