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April 12, 2016

Activities, Food & Drinks, Local, Others

It seems like us Dutchies are obsessed with growing our own food at this moment (Moestuintjes all over), which is great. Now lets talk about urban farming, it sounds cool, hip and innovative, right? I can tell you: it is!
At this moment the largest rooftop urban farm of Europe is being build: the UF002 De Schilde. Urban Farmers (UF) is creating this at the former Philips TV and phone set factory building. Yes that’s right: a HUGEEEE greenhouse on top of a building with a breathtaking view. UF was awarded the rooftop space of 1.500 m2 and also a 700 m2 area in the 6th floor for operations, a big showroom and guest hospitality.
Like I said, this project is big, they started with the plans in 2011 and in May 2016 the greenhouse will be opened. Within the last 6 months they managed to build the greenhouse with 50 people. Besides the greenhouse itself, they will also be an example for others and teach you more about the growing process of food. Nowadays people would like to know where their food is coming from and how its produced. UF gets this and wants to create transparency for their process, that’s why they will have a big showroom and visitors center as well. From the showroom you will have a great view over the greenhouse itself.
This greenhouse will grow ten types of vegetables: different types of tomatos, eggplants, cucumbers and lettuce. Once the food is full grown, they will pack and sell all of it to restaurants, supermarkets, catering companies and locals. Together with the chefs of the restaurants, the farm will expand their range of food. UF believes that 20% of the food we consume should be produced locally.
But there is more, UF will also grow fish, on the 5th floor of the building. They start with tilapia and in the future they are thinking about salmon. In 30 (!!) tanks they grow the fish, at this moment they experiment with 10 different types of fish. Once the fish farm is fully up and running, it can produce up to 20.000 fishes each year.
Let it grow, let it grow and… poop
UF likes fish poop. What?! Yes! All those fish produce a lot of poop in the water. The water will be filtered and used as a fertilizer for the plants on the 6th floor. Now that’s a smart little ecosystem.
If you like fresh and truly good food, make sure you visit this innovative project in the future.
For now, let it grow.. let it grow!

De Schilde
Televisiestraat 2-4
2525 KD  Den Haag

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